About Us

Pets are our best friends isn’t it?

If you are a pet parent; you truly know that your pet is your bestest friend. Your pets are your true companions for
life. They hold that unconditional and unwavering love for you in their heart. Be it a dog, cat, or a rabbit, if you are a
pet lover you know the meaning of true love for them is to be with you always.
Being with them, playing with them, eating, sleeping, going on walks becomes our habit. Our life becomes habituated of these little angels. Even if you scold them for causing mischief or dirtying your linens, they will always come back to you running. This is the way they prove their true love for you. And the way you can prove this is by being with them and taking care of them.

How It Works


But what if one day you lose them suddenly just for a small reason that they ran behind someone, or your door was unlocked or they wanted to just roam around, or just sat in a vehicle and traveled somewhere and they lost their way. Do you even imagine how painful it will be for them as well as for you?

These innocent souls who do not even know to speak how do they go back home?
Your pets are so much in love with you that they just can’t take this trauma. Do you know how devastating it will be for them to be at an unknown place or to be victim of some other big wild animal? What situations he/she might
have to face after they are lost? Or maybe death due to an accident. Sorry so say, but this is the fact. Thinking
this itself gives us goose bumps. Isn’t it?


Though we have initially started the Searchmypets Smart Accessory with a motto to reunite the pet and their parent owner, we envisage to expand this elite service for the little children and the senior citizens also in future. These smart accessories will be available online / worldwide.

Mission :

www.searchmypets.com is an initiative especially designed to protect your pet in case they are lost so that we can reunite your beloved pet and you forever again.