Usage of SMP Smart Accessories

Below is the pictorial representation of how SMP accessories works


How It Works

1. Unfortunately if one day your pet get missing just for a small reason that they ran behind someone, or your door was unlocked or they wanted to just roam around, or just sat in a vehicle and traveled somewhere and they lost their way. These innocent souls who do not even know to speak how do they go back home?

2. Search my pets accessories contain SMP code, Toll Free Number and a URL

3. A person may call that Toll Free number or can type the URL or scans the SMP code mentioned on attached tag and get all the information of your pet along with owner’s contact details.

4 . Once someone scans the code or type the URL then pet owner will get all the details of the person (Ip address, Name, Mobile Number) whoever scans the code.

5. So by using the above process you can easily reunite with your Pet. We also put our best efforts to reunite you with your pet. is an initiative especially designed to protect your pet in case they are missing. SMP pet accessories will surely help you to reunite with your pet.