How SMP Smart Accessories work..?

Hello Pet Lovers,

As we all know that Search My Pets is into manufacturing of Smart Pet Accessories; our uniqueness is our SMP Code which is fixed on our each product.

The idea of coming up with this smart functionality is the emotional cord between the pet and the pet owner. You will understand this better if you are already a pet owner 🙂

Many a times we loose our babies (Pet) and never get them back as they can’t speak – very sad. On the other side the one who gets them or meets them do not understand their language of communication. This is the reason these little angels can never get back to their loving owners even if the other person wants to send them back. Isn’t this painful?

But now, do not worry. With SMP Pet Accessories your angel can reach you back with just a scan of our SMP Code. This is possible only if your pet was wearing the SMP Accessory.

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