how to feed a pup?

How to Feed a Puppy?

Planning to take a cute baby pup at home a ton of fun, but it also requires a lot of work which is actually not easy to be. Finding a pup at home is all needed an attention like a human child the same  way of care and feeding on the time. A pup dog require max. 6 time feeding in a day.

It is very important to know what and how much food to feed your puppy in order to keep him happy and healthy.  Pup need proper nutrition for normal healthy growth and development. Making the right choices about your new puppy’s nutrition will help you to get pup off to a good start.

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Steps must follow for a pup feeding:

  • Choice of food should be the best one for your pup:

A pup have a growing body so he/she requires a good food with full of Calcium, Protein, Iron for shiny and fury hairs all the required vitamins.

  • Choose the best brand of food for your pup:

There are “N” number of brands in the market, But its is very necessary  to pick the best brand    accordingly your pup breed.

  • Feed with the right amount of food:

Feeding  the good amount according to your pup weight should be very important. Every breed pup have different size and weight to give a healthy life to them good amount of calories they require ,because pup are very naughty by  nature for playing and their activities they need good Calories food.

  • Visit a veterinarian:

Before taking any step Visit a veterinarian, Because the veterinarian will guide you properly about the weight, and best food for your pup. He/she will give some mediation with the diet must follow for a good growth of pup.


How to introduce a pup with food??

Introduce food to a pup at your home, before giving any product food make sure his//her age should be more than 25days. Because for initial days mother milk is very healthy for them, Keep them with you at home after 25 to 30  days.

Lets come to the point to introduce a pup with food, Is a task because the younger pups are very choosy with food. But feeding them with the best nutrition with his/her likes is all time a big task.

You can do activities near his/her bowl to eat food from pup’s bowl, Because pups like to copy the master or their mother.

Small Quantity but more times:

Give a small quantity and check the behavior of your pup is he/she ok with digestion or not having any kind of allergic issues. If no, than go for more after few of hours.

A pup having as of 25 to 45 age should feed 6 times with very small quantities.

A pup having as of 45 to 3 months  should feed 5 times with make sure that 6th time food which we are going to skip for pup must be divide in this 5 times so increase a little amount each time.

A pup having as of 3 to 6 months should feed 4 times again make sure that ,5th,6th time should be divides in 3 times.

A pup having as of 6 to 14 months should feed  3 times again make sure that 4th,5th,6th time should be divides in 3 times.

A pup having as of 14 to rest of should feed  2 times again make sure that 3rd, 4th,5th,6th time should be divides in 2 times.

Include some extra things in the diet :

Like; Low fat options include vegetables (green beans, carrots, broccoli, etc.) or tofu or skinless chicken breast. Remember, everything in moderation and you have to be cautious of creating a picky eater.

Let your pup eat Carrot, Boiled Potato, Zukini,Cucumber, Sweet Corns, Broccoli, Apple Ect.

Don’t give row potato, tomato or leaf vegetables.

Starting and Maintaining a Feeding Schedule:

From the starting make a schedule for your pup. This is one of the very important step to follow. Which giving a healthy life to your pup. Feed your puppy at the same time every day.

Water play a great roll for dog digestion like in Human’s life. Make sure both the bowls should be in the corner of hall or near the kitchen area.

1.Always feed your pup on the same time give him/her a habit to eat food on time. Make sure if your not having an arrangement to feed pups on time because of job or any other plans. Don’t let your pup be hungry and awaited for you, Because they also get digestion problems while they hungry for long times. So fill pup’s bowls with food and water that he/she can feed whenever feel hunger.

2.Most puppies need to eliminate 15-20 minutes after eating a meal, so it is a good idea to get into the habit of taking your puppy to go potty right after he finishes eating. Doing so will help prevent accidents in the house and teach your puppy good bathroom habits.

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